You're Ready To Launch Your Podcast, But.. You Have Questions Like...

  • Where to begin when it comes to Podcasting? 
  • What kind of Podcaster you should be?
  • What kind of Podcast should you create?
  • How to record your first Podcast?
  • How and Where do I hosting your Podcast
  • How to get your Podcast into iTunes, Spotify, and Google?
  • How do I monetize or make money with my Podcast? 
  • How to grow your audience and increase listeners?

I had those very same questions before I launched my Podcast.. That's why I created this 5 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge.

The 5 Day Challenge Begins On March 16th 

So here's what's going to happen.. Every day for 5 days you will join me for a live worshop where we will cover the critical things you need to know to Create, Record & Launch you Podcast! The trainings will happen on Facebook Live. Each lesson will be approximately 30-45min with Q&& to follow.  

This 5 Day Challenge was designed to help those who have something to say, something to share, and value to give get their Podcast launched!

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